Saturday, 5 April 2014

Marantz CD52mkII CD tray repair

Rediscovered 1990s hifi separates - needed to replace the CD tray gear/cog to avoid the grind...

The 1990s Marantz CD52mkII player has a known issue where the tray loading gear wears out over time. The result is a juttering eject/load or non operational CD tray. The same CDM-4 tray mechanism was used in a number of Marantz and Philips CD players at the time.

The image at the top shows the original gear cog worn down with its teeth chewed away and below is a video showing the before and after on the tray eject and load.

The repair is relatively simple and consists of a few Philips and Torx (using a small flat head driver will undo these) screws, sliding out the CD tray and then replacing the gear cog (see links below for original instructions). The CMD4 transport gear cog/wheel is still readily available from some UK sources as well as ebay (~5GBP)

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