Saturday, 5 September 2009

Distance Matters, No Matter the Size

One thing that controls the amount of strobe light is the apertrure (the other is distance) so when someone posed the question, "My (AC powered) strobes, through my softbox, on the lowest power is still too much for my shooting aperture, what's my best options?", I was surprised to hear that people suggesting ND filters as supposed to moving the lights futher back.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Writing Like my Teachers Taught

As it's been said before, "it's not quite like the old days" and certainly as I get older I actually forget what started this rambling in the first place. But, I already digress - grammar and punctuation has never been my strong point, particularly since when I was taught it, I a) didn't understand it, b) pay attention, c) care. Nowadays, you wonder if all those points apply to schools - if not, perhaps not every idiot kid would be getting 15 top A grades. Nowadays, any idiot with a computer and a blogger account, ahem, can be a published author but it doesn't help standards.