Monday, 29 December 2008

They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore..

For once, this is a different non-photo-lighting kind of rambling, but it is still rambling. As its the festive season, tv brings out all the delights that the post cinematic world has to offer and puts it to a largely drunk audience.. and for the ones that aren't drunk, we're probably wondering why the schedulers are showing us a load of crap.

And the answer to that is simple - the decade that give us some of the greatest films is long gone ... ah, the 1980s. I've probably had this conversation with everyone that has ever known me, but I can honestly say, that going into and out of the 1980s was Hollywood's golden year for me. During that decade, there were some of the greatest (western) films I've seen and continue to enjoy via DVDs, repeats etc.