Sunday, 19 July 2009

Light meters: A Throw-Back or Is it Worth It?

_DSC1721 (a new-old Minolta iv F)
In answering the Q myself: worth it!!

Recently got myself a(n old Minolta IVF) light meter after a friend at work brought his meter in. And, I've gotta admit, using a meter and hitting an exposure dead on (mostly) first time is kinda addictive.

But, how do we use a light meter exactly?

Strobe at f/what camera left...

"SB unit into softbox, camera left @ f/4" I read. The first time I saw something like that I went and looked at the back of my SB units to see how I could magically punch in f/4. And alas, I was mistaken, and misunderstood as are many newcomers to strobes.