Sunday, 24 August 2008

Its a Start..

This is really a set of online bookmarks for my current interests.. and a way for me to track progress.

For now, the thing that I've got myself hooked on this getting the best out of my photos.

Ever taken a photograph of you/your friends at an event (birthday dinner etc) with your camera and 'click-bang' there you go .. A picture that has your face hit by white light and the background is, errm, black. Might have well as taken inside a cupboard as without the proper control you have no idea of what the context.

There was always something that annoyed me with pictures that turned out like this, with the lingering thought: why can't I have pics that look like the ones in the magazines? I used to think that this was the preserve of the "studio look" with their massive studio lights and endless hot women..

A big influence has been David Hobby's strobist site that taught us about lighting which opened up numerous new avenues and not just related to artificial lighting.

A new road .. addiction comes easy