Sunday, 13 January 2013

Wacom Volito2 CFT-420 and Win7

I rediscovered an old Wacom Volito 2 (aka CFT-420) recently and managed to get it working with Win7/x64.

Whilst it is a basic tablet of today's standards - it was released in 2005 at a consumer/entry level price point - the tablet is USB powered with a pressure-sensitive wireless pen. I was looking to improve the ease and accuracy of painting selection masks in CNX2 etc and this only requires basic functionality.

The base Win7 OS provides a generic device driver for this tablet but Wacom provide a better driver included as part of the Bamboo driver suite.

One of the great benefits of the Wacom driver is that you can limit the tablet active area to represent a single monitor (if you are running dual monitors) via their Bamboo Preferences util. This functionality is very useful since the Volito only has a small A6 touch active area and the limiting improves accuracy of pen strokes.

Improve Responsiveness during Drawing

I found that the default settings made it quite difficult to paint on selection masks in CNX2 but this can be helped by disabling the hold-for-right-click functionality.

Other references also suggest setting the double click distance to small to also help improve responsiveness.

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