Tuesday, 16 April 2013

D* Eyecups

One thing that is apparent when looking through a recent FX viewfinder for the first time is the larger size when compared to the DX viewfinder. But with a larger viewfinder I found that it had a tendancy to have more light leaking past my eye that would give me difficulty in seeing TTL.

This is one of the reasons the DK19 rubber eyecup exists - you simply unscrew and replace the existing (DK17) eyecup but using the same glass eyepeice that came with camera.

The DK19 has a metal retaining ring that needs to be slipped back over the rubber eye cup (step 5) and its important that it the top of the rubber protrudes above the metal ring. I had to 'fish' out the rubber using a fingernail (using a screw driver etc might damage) so that screwing back onto the camera body was going to be tight and secure: the protuding rubber can also act as a seal for moisture and dust once the entire eyecup is screwed back on - the metal retaining will sit flush against the body.

Some reviews for the D19 suggested that it was problematic to use for people wearing spectacles. I didn't have this issue as I would press my glasses up against the rubber creating a seal against the lens of my glasses, in the same way non spectacle-wearing folks would do. However, my glasses don't tend to move/slip on my nose etc so I can image that folks with lose fitting spectacles would find this pressure annoying.

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