Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Apollo has Landed

The Westcott Apollo 28" softbox is a speedlight softbox that I've been aware of for a long time now. Finally, I got myself a copy.

This softbox is based on an umbrella frame so it mounts exactly like an umbrella and requires no mounting ring (unlike a Lastolite Ezybox coldhoe softbox or studio softboxes).

One thing that confused me for a long time was that Westcott sell 2 versions of this 28" softbox; the product codes are 2334 (28 in. Recessed Front Apollo) and 2202 (Apollo speedlight kit). The confusion comes due to the fact that the speedlight kit is cheaper (even though it comes with the additional coldshoe umbrealla mount) but from all the digging around I did, all reports say both softboxes are identical.

Results so far have been very good - the quality of light is similar to the Westcott umbrellas, but with greater control of light.

The main issue of use with the softbox tends to be that it is quite difficult to tilt as the flash head ends up squashing up against the top of the box. This is easily solved by using an extra umbrella adaptor.

I've used my existing Manfrotto 026 umbrella adaptor to hold the Apollo and inverted the Westcott adaptor (that came with the 2202 speedlight kit) along with a stud that came with the 026 with a stroboframe clamp to hold the speedlight.

This means that the shaft of the softbox can be chocked all the way providing the greatest angle.

This shows the softbox at the maximum of 45 degree angle.

Of course this can be done with a boom stand/arm but the above was done with a lightweight Nano lightstand without a problem of toppling over.

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