Sunday, 7 December 2008

D300 ICM camera profiles

There has been some discussion on the D300 flickr group about the camera ICM colour profile that is used for correct colour balance used in RAW editors such as Nikon's Capture NX or for use in ufraw.

Now, its probably only of interest for ufraw/gimp users that require the camera colour (ICM) profile. I was only able to find one reference on describing how to obtain the ICM profile.. and it involves using View NX (or Capture NX).

To copy directly from the reference:

Run Nikon Capture NX and open some NEF file captured with camera you want to get icc profiles for. Look into your temporary directory (for WinXP it's typically C:\Documents and Settings\"Your logged user name"\Local Settings\Temp\Nikon\ViewNX\RTL, note, that by default it hidden - so allow explorer to show hidden files/folders).

NC creates there temporary sub folder with scripting unique-generated name like "NknB3D.tmp".

Open this folder in windows explorer and watch what's happening when you open open the NEF, when you change color mode/color saturation/tone correction, etc - every set of changes - NC creates new icc profile file, named like "Nkx_D300_01_1_03_9_00_10_00_00_05_00_0200_468.icm", which reflects your current settings...

You can safely copy that files, rename them for something meaningful and use then in UFRaw as camera input profiles! This profiles are for gamma 2.2 thus it's necessary 0.45 gamma tune in UFRaw with linearity 0...

Although the post talks about the camera settings affecting the final output ICM, one thing that won't affect the profile is the white balance setting; remember that RAW files are a representation of what the sensor saw, and any WB that we select on the camera is simply recorded in the RAW file for viewers to interpret and apply - this is why we can easily change the WB of RAW files in s/w. This is of course not the case for jpeg images.

However, other combinations/settings appear to give other ICMs (changing the ISO level for example)

For reference, the D300 ISO 200, sRGB colour space default setting (saturation, etc) ICM is here:
Nikon D300 sRGB WB daylight ICM

Additionally, the D300 ISO 200, Adobe RGB colour space default setting (saturation, etc) ICM is here:
Nikon D300 AdobeRGB ICM

Furthermore, the D700 ISO200, Adobe RGB colour space default settin ICM is here:
Nikon D700 AdobeRGB ICM

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