Thursday, 30 October 2008

[strobist] Balancing the Sun/Crosslighting

The sun during the day can be pretty hard to over power, but you dont need to be fighting this battle. In fact, you can use the sun to your advantage with cross lighting. And what is cross lighting? Its exactly what it sounds like.. you have 2 light sources pointing at each other.

Again, its the same story. Get the correct exposure of the background based on the ambient @ max sync using aperature and then bring in the flash. Starting bare (you wont have enough power outdoors for modifiers) at around 1/4th power, shoot and chimp.

subject too bright? power the flash down for faster recyle OR move it further back OR close down the aperature and open the shutter (ie f5.6 @ 1/250 -> f8 @ 1/125)

subject too dark? power the flash up OR move it closer OR open up the aperature and close down the shutter (f8@1/125 ->f5.6@1/250)

One reasonably successful application of crosslighting can be to have lights at 45 camera left and camera right shooting your subjects with the sun behind them

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