Monday, 18 March 2013

Miller Time

If you've worked in a medium to large corporate environment in the last 10 years you will have sat in a Herman Miller Aeron chair. With the explosion of home working I've found that sitting for 9+ hours in cheap/solid chairs is just killing me but there's no way I'd be able to justify the cost (~800GBP) of an Aeron chair.

Recently however, I came across some mesh home office chairs that I thought could be an Aeron alternative.

I found a Palma Mesh Office chair that appears widely available for ~115GBP (incl VAT/delivery). This is a flat pack chair that is easily assemlbed with the allen key proivded and has the mesh seat and back, gas lift, adjustable arms height and the back can tilt backwards. From the limited use, it's reasonable.

But is it an Herman Miller? No. The HM has indepedant seat tilt for one which I've found very useful over the years - the Palma's eat seems to be tilting forward so after a while it almost seems like the chair is trying to slide you out of the seat. The HM's seat seems to be more comfortable and contoured whereas the Palma is just straight mesh, although this might soften over time.

However for the price differential, the Palma is not a bad cost effective home office alternative to the almost ubiquitous Aeron that would simply be out of most people's reach.

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