Saturday, 30 March 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

A lot has been already said about the decision to kill Google Reader announced in March. Many people have offered feedly as the savior but is it?

I have the concern that at some point down the line, feedly will change their current free-to-all option. In fact feedly is expected to find ways to monetorise their site in the future at which point there may not be an easy way to extract all of your subscriptions.

At least google provide a means to exporting your existing data across all of their services as xml/json files that can be imported or data extracted.

But feedly does seem to be do it's job - the desktop/http offering is nice as is their iOS application.

The one gripe that I do have is that the iOS app will periodically and automatically attempt to refresh the subscriptions which fully clears down the current subscription feeds. As this app is intended to be used 'on the go' -- which normally is on the tube ride to work -- where there is likely no data connection this is a problem since feedly has no offline caching within the iOS app.

Fortunately there is Newsify, a (free) iOS app (no web presence) that promises seemless integration with your feedly account AND provides offline caching/reading. whilst Newsify isn't a beautifully presented as feedly but it offers the functionality that most will need. The leading question is then why doesn't Newsify just go it alone and remove the feedly link since it's only there to provide the list of subscriptions and subscription feed status. But that's another conversation.


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